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SG Boot Kit

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Every horse and every hoof is different, we always recommend you try before you buy. You can try Swiss Galoppers hoof boots for a two week trial period, that way you and your horse can experience our boots and get a feel. 

Get your Boot Kit in just a few steps, every kit contains 2 different sizes and all accessories required: 


  • Easily determine the size you need: click here
  • Hoof width beats lengths and determines, which size you need: SG3-SG8
  • Heel height and length determine which type of boot fits: SG oder SG-L
  • Tip: If you are confident about the size (Hoof width), order i.e. a pair of SG5 and a pair of SG-L5 to you have the right size at hand to test 
  • At the end of the trial period, please return both test kits completely and entirely cleaned. 
  • Please don’t forget to let us know who is sending our boots back (sender/originator) 
  • 2 week trial period: 45,00  

For do´s and don´ts click here.

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