Terms & Conditions


The general business terms are valid for all rights and obligations which relate to the business relations between Swiss Galoppers GmbH (hereafter referred to as SG) and the customer. By placing an order, the customer accepts the current version of the general business terms as an integral part of the contract. Any agreements, additions and subsidiary arrangements that deviate from the general business terms and from the shop are only valid if confirmed by SG in written form.
All images and information published on the website or elsewhere serve exclusively as explanatory elements. The information in the SG online shop is binding when it comes to placing an order. This does not include published delivery dates, since supply bottlenecks may be caused by third parties which SG cannot be held responsible for.

Completion of a contract

If the order was successfully placed in the SG online shop or send as an email, the customer receives an
order confirmation. The order is deemed to be complete once SG has received the payment (see payment conditions below).
The delivery times can be found in the online shop and are adjusted in the case of changes.
In the case of a delayed delivery, SG grants the customer an additional delivery period of at least 14 days. Once this period has elapsed, the customer is free to withdraw from the contract. Indemnity claims against SG are excluded in every case.


An order can be placed using a guest account or a permanent user account (in summary: ‘Registration’).
Only natural and legal persons of legal age with full legal capacity are authorised to register. Registration is free.
Registration must be complete and correct. If a customer fails to mention any changes and certain materials are thus provided incorrectly (as a result of an incorrect or no longer current address, for example) the customer takes on any costs incurred, such as postage, etc. The email address must belong to the customer and this must be accessed on a regular basis.
Passwords are the concern of the customer. The customer must keep these secret (do not disclose to third parties) so that no misuse can take place. Swiss Galoppers GmbH takes no responsibility whatsoever in this respect. Passwords must be changed by the customers themselves. If there is any suspicion of misuse, this comes under the customer’s responsibility.
Swiss Galoppers GmbH assumes that every login is performed by the authorised user. Any suspicion of misuse must be reported immediately.
Swiss Galoppers never forwards any information and stores, saves and processes data with the utmost care.

Right of cancellation

The buyer has the right to cancel their order within five days from the order date (order date = first day). If shipment has already been made within this time period (five days), the customer is responsible for the return. The amount paid will be refunded once the complete and undamaged goods have arrived back at SG in their original packaging.
In the EU, the provisions of European law apply for the right to cancel (14 days / order date = first day).

Refusal of acceptance

If the customer refuses acceptance, SG is not obliged to refund the purchase price.

Payment conditions

Payment of the ordered products is made in advance when the order is placed in the online shop. Credit cards, PostFinance and bank transfers can all be used for payment. In the event of advance payment by post or bank transfer, shipping is delayed because the order is only deemed complete once payment has been received.


The goods are usually shipped by Swiss Mail or a logistics company. For Swiss Customers the shipping costs are displayed when the order is made in the online shop and paid in advance. The customer is encouraged to check the delivered products immediately and report any possible deviations from the order confirmation to SG in writing (letter, email) within three days (first day = delivery day), otherwise the delivery is deemed to have been in order. Delays or losses should be reported to SG immediately via telephone or email.

Return and exchange

In principle, there is no automatic right to make returns or exchanges.
An exchange may be possible following an incorrect order (customer providing incorrect measurements) if this is discussed with customer service at SG. It is only possible to exchange hoof boots that have not been used, still have their original closure and fetlock straps and heel protectors/gaiters and are in the original packaging. The customer bears the costs for postage and packaging.

Limitation of liability

As far as legal regulations allow, any claims to warranty resulting from improper use and assembly of the product, as well as any damage to third parties or equidae will be rejected. The rider is responsible for any liability towards third parties. A liability for normal wear and tear is excluded
In the case of any untimely damage within the first three months (from the delivery date), the liability amount is limited to the purchase price mentioned in the order confirmation.